Billing & Sales Services

Billing and Sales Services

We provide high-quality billing support for customers who have questions or concerns regarding billing. It is our desire to provide our customers with peace of mind and we are therefore available and prepared to handle any queries that come to us through our live chat help desk. Customers who are already signed up for a plan, as well as those who are considering opening an account with us, should feel free to contact us regarding any of the following billing issues:

   1. Invoices
   2. Non-payment
   3. Incorrect charges
   4. Double charges
   5. Cancellations
   6. Refunds
   7. Discounts
   8. Changing billing cycle
   9. Changing payment methods
   10. Updating billing records
   11. Account suspension
   12. Account re-activation
   13. Plan upgrading and downgrading
   14. Package renewals
   15. Package additions
   16. Applying credits
   17. Change of ownership
   18. Applying payments
   19. Over-due payment
   20. Collections
   21. Declined charges collections
   22. Error charges collections, etc.


Our representatives are friendly and well-versed in billing systems such as WHMCS, H-Sphere,ModernBill, PerlBill, etc. Let us know how we can help you.

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