Billing Staffing Plans

Sales and Billing Executives

Sales and Billing are vital parts of any business. Some make the mistake of assigning technical personnel to deal with these complex issues but that is a mistake. introduces 24/7 Sales and Billing Staff who are able and ready to assist customers with their billing issues, as well as handle the entire finance section of the office.

This professional would be one who is qualified in finance and commerce with sound knowledge in most of the commonly used billing systems. He or she would also have a good command of the English language(primary) and French, German, Spanish, Arabic(secondary).

Full Time Intermediate Billing Staff :-


 Languages/ special features


Round the clock Billing staff

*All Staff would be proficient in English
*One staff will have a good command over additional Secondary language



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Office hours Billing Staff

*Proficiency over secondary language with a marginal extra cost
* 12 hours per day and 5 days per week



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Single Dedicated Billing Staff

  • English
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    Part time Billing Staff

    • English
    • Will work 4 hours per day and 5 days per week


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    Weekend Billing Staff

    • English
    • Will work 5 hours per day and only in weekend( 2 days per week)



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