Dedicated Staff Plans


Round the Clock Dedicated TEAM


Team Name

 Regular Admin

Bonus Admin

Nano Team

3 Nano Admins(NA)

 1 Level2 Admin

Smart Team

6 Nano Admins

1 Nano Admin

Micro Team

3 Intermediate Admins + 3 Nano Admins

1 Level2 Admin + 1 Nano Admin

Swift Team

6 Intermediate Admins

1 Nano Admin + 1 Intermediate Admin

Macro Team

9 Regular level3 admins

2 Nano Admins + 1 level2 Admin

SuperNova Team

3 Super Power Admins

1 Server Security Expert Consultation + 1 Nano Admin




Office hour Support:
Planning your resources effectively and efficiently is of the utmost importance when it comes to business. Therefore it is important that your staffing needs are met with careful deliberation and organizing. We at have introduced a special plan that will specifically suit your business staffing needs. You will no longer worry about a shortage of staff during peak business hours. We have just the right solution for you.
  • 2 admins to cover the office hours
  • 12/7/365 support hours
  • Live Responses
  • Can easily club with Sleep well plan to reduce the cost.
Sleep Well Plan
Once you read about this offer you will find it difficult to pass it up. This special plan covers your graveyard shift needs with assured quality at minimal costs. With this plan you really can “sleep well” knowing your business is in the hands of trustworthy professionals.
  • 30 minutes average response time
  • 6 hours average resolution time
  • No canned replies
  • Live Responses
  • Server Monitoring
  • Special Semi-dedicated Plan
Semi Dedicated Staff Plans
This plan is a great option for those who find keeping on staff a dedicated team of tech specialists far too expensive. You desire to provide special care for your customers that exceed the shared plans but cannot afford the funding. Each semi-dedicated tech will be shared between 2 companies with equal priorities.
  • 20 minutes average response time
  • 5 hours average resolution time
  • No canned replies
  • Live Chats
  • Server Monitoring
  • L1 – l3 tickets
Weekend Dedicated Tech Plan
If you are in the habit of enjoying the weekend with your family. But your busy schedule is confining you to office even in weekends; this plan can help you find a relief in weekends.
  • Each Tech work for 8 hours per day and 2 days per week.
  • Time slots can be fixed.
  • $30/day
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