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Installation Work.

de'TechBeo provides installation work. That means we are able to assist those who are stumped with some sort of specific problem related to hosting. We can handle the problem and get it sorted within a specified, short period of time.

There are 3 phases in an Installation work order:

Analysis Phase:

After acquiring the necessary details, including the login information, we start a problem analysis. The time for allotted for the analysis will not be counted as working time and hence there is no charge associated with it. During this phase we will try to identify the problem and the root cause. This will help us provide a rough time estimate. We will then provide you with a quote and, if you are satisfied with it, you can make the payment.

Working Phase:

After the payment is made the work commences. We will let you know exactly when we start working on your problem. The time we spend on research is not charged to you. For example, to compile a php module it takes a longer amount of time depending on the configuration you need and the server speed. If the server has both php4 and php, then the total compilation time is greater than what it takes to work on a server with a single php version. So we can give you a time frame depending upon your server configuration, but if we encounter problems while compiling and we need to research it, the time may elapse for research. We will not include the time taken for research in the total work time.

Testing Phase.

This phase is purely used for confirming whether or not all of the issues raised by the customer have been properly handled. The issue will be marked as “closed” only after getting the confirmation from you that all is well.

We offer a variety of plans for installation as well. Please click “here” for details regarding installation plans.

We guarantee that the services we offer will be of the best value both in terms of quality and price. Our ultimate aim is the satisfaction of our customers and we believe that only satisfied customers will make our company succeed.

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