Internet Security Consultation


Server Optimization Service


Are the services on your server utilizing all resources properly? Do you have frequent problems with critical services on your server? is happy to offer you a server optimization service to increase and optimize the performance of your server.

 Server optimization includes:
  • Find out root cause of the performance issue on the server.
  • Optimizing the performance of Webserver
  • Optimizing MySQL server
  • Optimizing DNS server
  • Install eAccelerator(formerly Turck MMCache) to Optimize PHP performance
  • Tuning kernel parameters (sysctl.conf)
  • Optimize firewall configurations
  • Install custom scripts to monitor the performance of the server
Server Hardening Service.

 These days, server security is a major concern in the web-hosting industry. Here at we are prepared to offer you a Server Hardening service that will efficiently guard against all of the security threats on your server.

  • Installation and configuration of firewall (APF/CSF).
  • Installation and configuration of rootkit detection software (rkhunter and chkrootkit)
  • Installation of security updates (OS and Control Panel).
  • Disable unused and insecure services.
  • Disable unused and insecure ports.
  • Unusual server activity detection and Prevention.
  • Track hacking attempts.
  • System level anti-DoS/DDoS configuration with firewall.
  • Configuration of Brute Force Detection Techniques
  • Securing SSH..
  • Detecting Users with weak/no Passwords.
  • Disable Unwanted SUID and SGID Binaries.
  • Securing /tmp, /var/tmp and /dev/shm.
  • Inetd hardening
  • Sysctl Hardening (Tuning kernel parameters)
  • Webserver Hardening
  • Mysql Hardening
  • DNS Hardening
  • PHP Hardening
  • Mail Server Hardening
  • Mod_Security integration.
Custom Scripts

 Take advantage of our custom scripts to automate many of your server administration tasks, making your life simpler and freeing up your time to focus on the more exciting aspects of business.

  • Server load moniroting scripts
  • Service monitoring scripts
  • Disk usage monitoring scripts
  • Ddos prevention scripts
  • Mail queue monitoring scripts
  • Backup Scripts (local and remote backup)
  • Hardware Errors Monitoring Scripts
  • User Beancounter failcount monitoring scripts (Virtuozzo and OpenVZ)


Server Security Experts (SSE)

Are you confident that your servers are secure? offers you a team of highly-trained security experts who have solid, hands-on experience with both current and emerging security technologies and solutions.

SSE will ensure your server's security by conducting a complete security audit and fixing all of the security threats on the server.

The security audit would include the following:

  • Check and Fix Software Vulnerabilities.
  • Kernel Upgrades and vulnerabilities.
  • Check for any Trojans.
  • Run chkrootkit.
  • Check ports.
  • Check for any hidden processes.
  • Use audit tools to check system.
  • Unusual server activity detection and Prevention.
  • Track hacking attempts.
  • Check binaries and RPMS.
  • Check for open email relays.
  • Check for malicious cron entries.
  • Check /dev /tmp /var directories.
  • Check for unwanted users, groups, etc. on the system.
  • Check for and disable any unneeded services.
  • Locate malicious scripts.
  • Querylog in DNS.
  • Check for the suid scripts and nouser scripts.
  • Check valid scripts in /tmp.
  • Use intrusion detection tools.
  • Check the system performance.
  • Check memory performance (run memtest).
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