Virtualization Services


VPS is Virtual Private Server or also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). It is technique of splitting a physical server in to several virtual servers with a full-fledged operating system and each server can work independently.  

Why VPS? 

Mainly there are three primary factors that affecting the selection of VPS than a dedicated server.  

  1. It is cheaper than a dedicated server.
  2. It is better than a shared server.
  3. More secure than a shared web-hosting environment
Other Advantages 


  1. Flexibility
  2. Full Administrator/Root access to the operating system.
  3. No rebuild required to move to the latest server technology
    • RAM Upgrades,
    • Extra HDDs, and
    • Additional CPUs
  1. Enhanced remote management without additional expensive hardware
  1. Utilizes enterprise grade redundant hardware for less cost than any basic dedicated server
  2. Optimization
  3. High Availability
  4. Load Balancing

So it is preferable to going for a VPS than a dedicated server, especially if it cannot afford the dedicated server yet. 

VPS Support
Below is a quick run down of various types of VPS control panels that are available from our hosting support:
Open VZ :
OpenVZ is the basis of Virtuozzo Containers, a proprietary software product provided by Parallels, Inc. OpenVZ is licensed under the GPL version 2. Its free and you can modify as per your requirement too.  

One of the leading VPS control panels from Swsoft, the developer of Virtuozzo are allowing people to handle their VPS's exactly like dedicated servers. Virtuozzo allows users to use "Burstable RAM" which is a main feature in the VPS concept. 


Another leading VPS control panel in the web sector. Vmware allows users exactly the same opportunities given by Virtuozzo, but it does not support the "Burstable RAM" technology. However it supports a different technology called "Multi-Based Operating System".  


It is very popular and many companies have already adopted this VPS control panel because of it's efficiency in limiting the amount of system resources used. 


We are supporting VPS running with the very fast and light HSPcomplete 'System Manager' control panel. The control panel is not stored on the VPS itself freeing up valuable resources that would otherwise be tied up maintaining the control panel.

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